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Please leave this site if your age is under 21 (twenty one) years.

Please be advised that, if you suffer with gambling addiction, this site and the Numbers Roulette method is not for you and is better to leave this site and not use our method. The Numbers Roulette algorithmic method is designed for calm, perseverant and patient gamblers, which understand that any gambling is only a game and consider casino games only for fun.

It is very easy – immediately after the payment we will send you by e-mail the Numbers Roulette method which represents the exact selected numbers – your winning numbers for roulette. Also, the method have the exact instructions in which moment, depending on the last numbers on roulette, you must bet, which must be the bet amount and how to use the selected numbers to win permanently.

So, we will give you the exact numbers to bet on roulette – your lucky numbers, we will instruct you when exactly to bet and how much you must bet – with all those you will permanently win 50 $ per hour in roulette.

The Numbers Roulette method appeared as a result of years of studies, monitoring different types of roulette games, strategies, players and results. The “Numbers Roulette” is the algorithmic method to play in European roulette games, created based on the principle of numerology, considering each method’s user “fate” number, which is each user’s birthday. The Numbers Roulette method is designed for the European roulette games and only the method’s user is responsible for the decision to use the method in real money games.

What the method’s users must know is that the internet casinos, except the live internet casino games which are featured by live dealers (croupiers), offers are almost always heavily stacked against you. That because, when a casino is made with a randomizer on result selection and the system see a strategy applied by a player, the randomizer is disconnected and the casino, almost always, give the other result than the player’s bet. In the live games this is impossible and the players permanently see how the game is rolling. While it is possible to make BIG money at a time, gambling at a casino, you certainly should have a Guaranteed method for permanent winning

The Numbers Roulette algorithmic method is created only for European roulette games and only for online live roulette games or live roulette games, where the live roulette dealer (croupier) is present physically in person and the betting process is live or live online without pre-recording and post-playing.

Each person has his own fateful numbers, which are linked to the person’s birthday date. This fact is an axiom. The Numbers Roulette method is considering the person’s (user) birthday date and automatically select the lucky numbers individually for the user. This is the reason, why, at the registration, it is crucial for the user to indicate his right birthday date. After the registration and the payment, our software select the user’s personal lucky numbers and the user is receiving his personal dedicated lucky numbers to be played in European roulette and a set of rules to be executed, during the play and a set of instructions, related to the bets level and bets application. Using all the received lucky numbers, exactly following all of the method’s rules and betting instructions, you will increase the winning results up to 99% of winnings possibilities and you will win 50 $ per a gaming hour and may be even more.

Every time the dealer (croupier) spins the wheel of a roulette game, the ball has a 1 in 37 chance of coming to rest in any one slot. This is the key: if the conditions are the same, the dealer’s (croupier) effort on spinning the wheel and throwing the ball would be identical, and then each number would have exactly the same chance of being the winning number on each spin. The roulette ball doesn't remember the number or color on which it landed on the last spin, or even on the last ten or one hundred spins. Since each spin is independent of the last, the odds of any three numbers coming up one after the other would be 1/37 × 1/37 × 1/37. Therefore, any number, as example 16, would be just as good a bet as any other number.

Why it is happening very rarely?

Because the dealer (croupier) is not applying the same identical effort on spinning the wheel and the same effort on throwing the ball. But most important – because each player on the table has its own “numbers” which are linked to his fate for the player’s entire live.

Some of the methods and systems are available to anyone free. Take the Martingale system as an example. This is one of the oldest and simplest betting systems, devised in the 18th century in France. When following the Martingale system, the player plays on color and is doubling his bet after each loss until the player wins. So if a player is betting $1 on red and lose, he must follow up with a $2 bet, and then $4, then $8 and so, on the same red. The idea behind the system is that even if the player lose several games in a row, his final, winning bet will end up putting to him 1 $ over what he did lose (for example, if a player did loose five in a row and won the sixth, he did lose 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 = 31 $ and won 32 $.) It sounds pretty logical, but it has a low winning level with a condition of long play.

The reason this system doesn't work is that it’s entirely possible, and even probable after a long enough period of play, to suffer a long enough losing streak that you end up losing everything. Say you’re playing roulette, you bet on red nine times, and the ball has landed on black all nine times. You’re now out 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 + 64 + 128 + 256 $, which adds up to 511 $. And here the player stops, because the maximum bet in most of the casinos end with 500 $ on “color” bet. And if, on the way, not only a different color is but also the 0 (“zero”) number is in – the player ends with a loss of 511 $, trying to win 1 (one) $. For most people, this is a pretty crushing loss and probably an unsustainable one. Since the Martingale system is designed for long-term play, as its profit margins are so small, it is almost inevitable that this sort of streak will occur. Yet people still use Martingale and various other free systems, many of which are offered online free of charge.

Unfortunately we don’t give free tests trials, we don’t show Numbers Roulette method examples and we don’t show our users performances, because the Numbers Roulette is made individually for each User – for you personally, and because our user’s performance is confidential and untouchable information. We can only guarantee the fact that you’ll be very satisfied, as hundreds of our clients already are. More than this, we do not give empty promises - we offer a bank covered 72 hours MONEY BACK GUARANTEE which will return your money back to you, if our method will not make you win as we promised. The basic principle, using the Numbers Roulette algorithmic method is to strictly respect all of the method rules and use only the “Numbers Roulette” numbers for bet in a roulette game, exactly as is written in each betting step. In order to respect all of the rules, the user must printout the description which will be send to his e-mail, immediately after the payment, read carefully all and fully execute all.

The Numbers Roulette algorithmic method will give you the possibility to win 50 $ per a gaming hour and may be even more in European roulette. Usually a gambler is spending 5 to 7 hour at European roulette per day. This mean a possibility for a daily winning of more than 300 $, playing European roulette., which is very good.

We wish you GOOD LUCK in all your games and we thank you for visiting our site.